Importance of Building And Pest Inspection Before Property Purchase

Are you a home buyer looking for a pre-owned house you could call your own? How do you make certain that you get your investment’s worth from the house you will buy? It can get very tricky, but with the help of reliable building and pest inspection services, you will determine the quality of the home you are buying.

Why You Need to Get a Building and Pest Inspection

No one buys a product without first taking a gander at it, especially when the purchase is as serious as buying property. Even as real estate websites have made it far more convenient for many buyers to get a look at houses and apartments without traveling to several locations, an actual visit to the property ensures that you, the buyer, will get your money’s worth and that you will not be confronted by surprise repairs down the track. This is why you need to get the building and pest inspection, whether you are getting a residential or commercial property.

Choosing Your Inspector

Building and pest inspections require experts so when choosing your inspector, make sure that he or she has acquired the proper credentials. It is recommended to hire a licensed builder, surveyor, or architect but be aware that a surveyor or an architect might not be able to perform a thorough pest inspection as might be done by a qualified building and pest inspector.

How Inspections Should Be Done

It should be emphasized that the inspection you obtain has to be done before you make any commitment to purchase or before signing a sale contract. Most of the building inspections that experts perform usually uncover important issues such as faulty roofs, floor defects, and various safety hazards. The inspection will also be conducted without any digging, dismantling, cutting, and any other invasive procedure. Generally, building inspections will be limited to accessible areas, and these should be clearly outlined in the inspection agreement your inspector furnishes. So read that bit carefully.

Getting the Report

When you get the report, know that it should contain results from the accessible part of the property you intend to buy. These may include the roof space, the interior and exterior of the building, the roof exterior, and the site (e.g., paths, driveway, fencing, separate laundry or toilet, small retaining walls, surface water drainage, and other relevant areas within the property). The building and pest inspection report should also come with a summary of the overall condition of the property and a list of possible issues that need to be addressed.